Monday, June 25, 2018

Building Lean Muscle and Minimizing Fat

Building lean muscle and minimizing fat.
The best way to minimize fat and lose weight is to increase the amount of lean muscle tissue.  I know a lot of women worry about getting bulky or gaining too much muscle.  The fact of the matter is women do not have enough testosterone to naturally gain bulky muscle.  For anyone to gain muscle mass, one would need to eat more grams of protein than his/her weight in pounds.  For example, if you weigh 120lbs you would need to eat about 150-200 grams of protein a day or more along with heavy lifting and weight training.  To consume that much protein you would have to supplement it in your diet with protein powders.  No need to worry about bulking up.  What we are going to do is focus on strengthening and training the existing muscle that you have.  For healthy muscle to survive and thrive it will have to burn about 50 calories per pound of muscle a day just to maintain, so the more muscle you have the more calories you burn.  Having hungry muscles is what speeds up your metabolism.  Your body will need to fuel these muscles; that is whya good healthy diet is important.
The idea is to take the already existing mass of your body and play with the ratio of muscle mass to fat.  The more lean and trained your muscles are the more room they will take up pushing the fat cells to reach their minimum.  Fat cells never leave your body.  It is important to feed your muscles because if you starve yourself or your muscles, your body will eat the muscle mass and replace it with more fat cells.  If you continue to yo-yo diet and starve yourself, what you are doing is creating more fat cells.  Biologically we are engineered to survive and because of our survival mode our bodies will adjust how they burn and create energy in the most efficient way for our survival and since muscles burn more energy and calories that would be the first thing your body will get rid of to help slow down and save energy and sustain life.  For example, you are on a sinking ship due to too much cargo, to get the ship to float you would start tossing the heavy unnecessary cargo to keep the ship from sinking, well that is what our bodies do to survive.  The muscles are the first to go since they take up more energy.  
It is important to include weight training in your workouts.  Cardio alone will not be effective enough to get the results one is looking to achieve.  A mixture of cardio and weight training will help you maximize your results and also put your body in the most efficient effective mode to survive and stay healthy.

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